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Recommended for Sponsorship

Bandit - F2017021
  Info on Bandit.
  Sponsor Bandit.
I am a volunteer that has taken on Bandit for socialization. He arrived at CATS a very scarred and scared mess, emotionally and physically. He has a broken tail (the last 2 inches just hang loosely but the vet says it has blood flow and is ok) and he had a huge cyst on his back (probably from a fight). He ran up some vet bills getting healthy but he is there now. It is his emotional side that needs the work and he is progressing nicely. Everyone was afraid of him but I gave him a shot and he eventually responded (after a few swats and scratches). Others are getting closer to him now as well, albeit in a limited way. He now trusts me and rolls over for belly rubs occasionally. He really enjoys the petting. I'll try to get him in my lap in the next week or two. I will also see if he will play, possibly for the first time in his life...it has been a hard one. He could really benefit from the support of a sponsorship. He is a streetwise badass that has been saved from a cruel fate. He may never be adoptable. It depends on how he responds to further socialization, but he is safe and I think he knows it. If you've ever felt bad for animals forced to fight for their survival, this is the guy to help. Thanks.

Ginger - S2014009
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Ginger has been at the sanctuary for a very long time She is very frightened of humans though she gets along with other cats just fine. I am there once a week and 2 years ago I made her my project (among others) for socialization. She has been the toughest nut to crack and there were times I thought she never would. I'm trying to show her humans can be friends. She has good days and bad. The good days, I might be able to touch her. The bad days, she would run and hide somewhere in the room when I entered. Then, about a month ago, we had a breakthrough. As I was petting her, which I had been able to progressively do for a few months, though gingerly (hahaha I thought that was pretty good :-), she suddenly accepted my hand and rolled into it. Cautious at first, she eventually started purring and drooling and chirping/meowing and rolling over for belly rubs. It was the first time I heard her make a sound. It brought tears to my eyes. She was getting it. I wondered if this would be a one time thing but it stuck. Now I can walk in the room and if I don't go to her right away, she watches me from her favorite perch, just waiting for another petting session. She has a long way to go before becoming a lap cat (that is the goal - I can see it in her) and I am hoping others will be able to get closer to her in time. She is FIV+ but is healthy AFAIK. I would foster her to continue her sessions but I have a territorial nutjob cat at home (a rescue snatched from the needle) that won't be nice to her, though he is the most "human affectionate" cat I have ever had. So, it is more work at the sanctuary for Ginger and maybe someday she will find a home of her own. Until then it takes resources to keep her healthy and fed and comfortable. A sponsor would make that effort a whole lot easier. I will keep helping her to trust and love. Can you help her with your sponsorship?

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