Cat/Kitten Foster Application

Fostering is one of the most important aspects of rescue. Thank you for volunteering and opening your heart and home to an animal in need! | Foster caregivers provide cats (and kittens) with safe homes and lots of TLC until they're transported or adopted. Interested in becoming a foster? Learn more about how it works! | Qualifications: You will be required to complete a foster care application and an interview with you in your home will be scheduled. Foster parents must be 18 years of age. Foster parents must be able to provide a safe, loving and stable environment for the foster animal. In some instances, experience with animal behavioral or medical issues is a plus, but is not necessary. Foster parents must have common sense and patience. | Duties and Responsibilities: The responsibilities of a foster volunteer include the daily care and maintenance of the foster cat(s), providing them with fresh food and water, and any necessary medications. Making sure they are safe, comfortable, and socialized during their stay in your home is important. Foster parents are also responsible for communicating to the program coordinator and staff any needs or concerns, whether medical, behavioral or other. Foster parents must be able to transport their foster animal(s) to and from veterinarian appointments and adoption events. Foster parents should actively participate in finding their foster animal(s) their forever homes. Time Commitment The time commitment required in being a foster parent varies depending on the animals you are caring for. However, it is a big commitment regardless. You are their caregiver day and night until they are transported or adopted. | Why Should I Foster a Cat?| Fostering a cat is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have (other than adopting, of course). By taking an animal in need temporarily into your home you're: Freeing up a spot so the shelter or rescue can take in another cat. Giving your foster cat the time he needs to be ready for adoption. Helping the shelter or rescue learn more about the cat so he can end up in the best home possible. Socializing the cat to a home environment and possibly getting him used to being around other pets and different types of people. | On the Fence About Fostering? | I would rather cry watching them leave our home to live a life of happiness and joy in a loving home than cry because nobody stepped up to help them and they died alone, frightened and sad in the shelter..... Fostering Saves Lives! Try it!